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Rent the Equipment You Need to Prepare for the Heating Season!

Rent the Equipment You Need to Prepare for the Heating Season!

It’s already getting cold and you’re beside yourself trying to figure out how to prepare for winter heating. The chimney needs a sweeping, your vent filters need to be blown out, and the cleaning ducts are an absolute disgrace. Moreover, times are tough and hiring a professional to take care of all this seems like a massive financial burden. The time and money needed to prepare your home for winter may seem insurmountable at first glance, but it just requires some thinking outside of the box. This includes putting some consideration towards renting many of the tools necessary for home heating maintenance as a cost-effective and less painful way to complete these tasks.

Cleaning the godforsaken chimney is one of the more frowned upon chores on the good old honey-do-list but it’s necessary to ensure a safe season of wood burning for you and your family. Soot and creosote buildups from last winter’s burns have likely clogged up your chimney and can present a whole host of issues if left unattended. This includes wild animal infestations, risk of house fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning from fume blockages. Specialized chimney-sweeping instruments with an elongated pole and brush can be easily rented at your local rental store. Grab a pair of cover-alls, some hefty gloves, and a bandana for facial protection before setting out on this task. If you’re a new homeowner and don’t have access to a ladder, think about renting one along with your chimney sweep. It also goes without saying that you need to be extremely careful and enlist spotting help from a friend or spouse before tackling a chimney cleaning

Furthermore, the air duct and heating filter cleaning industries have been wrought with numerous scams of late. Contractors hired to clean ducts often cut corners and over-charge naïve and unassuming customers. You can skip the possibility of such misfortune by renting a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner, or electric screwdriver set from your local hardware outlet depending on what you need and doing it yourself. Become a handier homeowner and impress your family by simply renting the necessary equipment and accomplishing it yourself!

Make a tradition in renting winter heating preparation equipment instead of hiring expensive servicemen or buying costly equipment. Vacuums, sweeping brushes, ladders, or even electric screwdriver sets can easily be rented. Establish a relationship with the helpful employees, who can give you the help you need in finding all the necessary tools!