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Prepare for Winter with Firewood

Prepare for Winter with Firewood

Tis the season to burn firewood! Whether it’s your main source of heat or simply added for that cozy feeling several evenings out of the month, we rent the equipment to make it easy.  Typically, if you are having firewood delivered or if you cut the trees down yourself, you will want to get it all done at once – so why not rent the equipment and save yourself the hassle and expense of owning it?!  Here’s what you may need:

Gas Chainsaw – for those big jobs where you need to cut large branches, down trees, or simply section the tree up. These are also ideal for small jobs that don’t have a power source. 

Electric Chainsaw – if you have a smaller job and a power source an electric chainsaw may be the ticket. They are quieter and don’t require fuel, plus they are easier to handle because of their light weight.

Pole Saw – If you want to remove or trim branches before you down a tree this is what you’ll need.  A pole saw will remove those branches that could tangle a tree up as it falls, making things safer and more predictable.

Wood Chipper – Remove all of the brush associated with cutting up a tree easily and quickly with a wood chipper.  You can have the wood chips shoot right into a pile or even the back of a truck!

Stump Grinder – If you cut down an old tree in your yard and you don’t want that stump sticking up…rent a stump grinder.  You’ll be able to get that stump down below the ground without paying a tree service a lot of money!

Log Splitter – Last but not least of course is the log splitter. Save your back and time by renting one!  There are a couple of different choices depending on your needs – but one thing is for sure…you’ll always get uniformly split firewood.